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Most Recommended by Security Pros!

Information Security Policies Made Easy is the leading policy development resource recommended by top experts in information security and data privacy.  Below is a sample of the outstanding reviews we have received:
“If I could have only six books in my professional library, this would be one of them.”
Dr. Harold Highland Editor, Emeritus of Computers & Security magazine
“Information Security Policies Made Easy (ISPME) is one of the most important information security books available for those who are serious about creating a comprehensive set of information systems security policies. Given the dynamic nature of technology, very few technology books can stand the test of time and remain relevant for a few years, let alone a decade after their original printing.”
Ben Rothke CISSP, CISM Director – Security Technology Implementation, AXA Technology Services
“The [ISPME] guidelines have saved three months of manual effort that would have been required to research and write policies.”
Douglas Feil EDP Audit Manager, City & County of San Francisco, Network Management Systems & Strategies
“It gave us everything we needed to help us write standards and communicate [policies] in a clear, concise manner with no ambiguity or technical jargon … the book paid for itself in two weeks.”
Jonah Goldsmith Data Security Consultant to Large Medical Insurance Company, LAN Times
“If you are an auditor, business security or InfoSec specialist, part of corporate management or other business professional, and want to be sure you have a strong foundation for your InfoSec program, you must get and use this book. This book contains not only policies but also a guideline on how to use the policies; provides matrices that make it easier to understand how they all fit together; and many useful appendices. Some may say that this book is too expensive and one can find cheaper books of InfoSec policies. If you go cheap you get cheap. Can you afford to do that when mistakes can be costly and when the protection of your company’s information and competitive edge may be at stake? Buy this book, use it and start building a comprehensive InfoSec program for your company.”
Dr. Gerald L. Kovacich ShockwaveWriters.Com
“Information Security Policies Made Easy is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to develop a HIPAA security policy. Those who are familiar with the hardbound version of the classic work by Charles Cresson Woods will be amazed by this interactive format. Navigation aids such as the ‘find’ command allowed me to cut my development time considerably.”
Harry E. Smith, CISSP, Co-Founder PrivaPlan Associates, Inc.
“This is the gold standard Policy reference for any serious security practitioner to have in their arsenal of tools, a must have! The instructions and examples for establishing security polices and implementation processes add real value to this edition.”
John B. Kramer, CISSP, CISA Information Security Manager – UPMCHS
“Wood has created a complete kit of proven best practices that any organization can use and customize to make policies meeting their exact needs.”
Jay Heiser Columnist, Information Security magazine.
“In 1993, I was asked to develop my first information security policy. I began by cutting and pasting a series of thoughts and calling that a policy. Usually these policies were rejected by management. To ensure that my organization had strong Information Security policies in place, I purchased a copy of Information Security Policies Made Easy. Quickly I learned that creating a policy was a process that included writing policies, editing policies, obtaining management approval, communicating policies, and implementing controls to meet the policy requirements. The book provides the reader with the tools necessary to develop policies, including an easy to use CD (fully-linked and searchable).”
Diana-Lynn Contesti, CISSP, SSCP Information Security Officer – Dofasco Inc.
“Charles Cresson Wood…is an expert’s expert, and knows more about computer security policies than anyone I know.”
Michael Alexander Editor, Datamation
“This book is invaluable to those responsible for creating or maintaining an information security policy manual or similar documents.”
Belden Menkus Editor, EDPACS