Streamline Cyber Security Compliance

Define, Deliver and Demonstrate a robust Information Security Program in one platform

Why spend weeks of time and thousands of dollars on consultants when you can use ComplianceShield?  We have streamlined the cyber compliance process by combining our world-recognized policy compliance library with an easy-to-use software platform.

Build a robust, defensible cyber security program in minutes with our Compliance Wizard and pre-build Baselines for ISO 27002, NIST CSF, CMMC, HIPAA, SEC and many others.  Loaded with policy templates and compliance tools, ComplianceShield saves thousands of dollars and months of manual effort.

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Key Compliance Requirements and ComplianceShield Features:

The process of information security governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requires several key management disciplines that must be created, documented and maintained.   The following table shows common Compliance Program elements and how ComplianceShield content and features address each area.

Develop and Maintain Security Policies

Common Policy Library (CPL) – The CPL is a library of 40+ sample information security policies that can easily be customized. Each document is in our MS-Word “Best Practices” policy template.   Also includes related standards and procedures for key topics.   Based on Information Security Policies Made Easy, the CPL covers all essential security topics. The Common Policy Library (CPL) is updated to reflect the latest threats, technologies and regulatory requirements.   Each policy sample is mapped to leading frameworks such as ISO 27002, NIST-CSF and HIPAA.

Define a Cyber Security Control Framework

Create a defensible cyber security program in minutes using our Compliance Wizard and built-in compliance baselines.  Our Common Control Library has over 400 common controls addressing the latest technologies, threats and regulatory requirements.  Each Control comes with related policies, expert advice, and examples of evidence used to validate compliance.  CPL controls are mapped to frameworks including ISO 27002, CMMC, NIST-CSF, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and more.

Monitor and track program status

Compliance Dashboard – Quickly demonstrate compliance to senior management, auditors and business partners with a few simple reports. Easily view the information security posture of your entire organization in a single compliance dashboard.  Each Control is assigned to key security roles and tracked through phases of implementation based on real-world experience.   Auditor Roles allow third parties to validate programs and evidence via a secure portal.

Track Policy Acknowledgement

User Policy Portal – Automatically distribute policies, procedures and training directly to users based on their role within the organization.  Customized User Profiles allow targeting of specific documents, quizzes and training based on user security roles.  Users receive a custom inbox with the documents they need.  User confirmation is stored for easy management reporting.

Manage Cyber Security Incidents

Develop an Incident Response Program

Incident Management – Track and manage details of information security incidents, including what was affected, incident categorization, date and time of detection, declaration disclosure and resolution.  Customize incident types and notifications.   Supported by our Incident Response Procedure template.

Educate and Train Employees

PISC Security Awareness Training – Use our built-in security awareness training module to educate each user on basic security awareness principles.  Easily assign training to users and track status across the organization.

Vendor Risk Management

Automate Vendor Risk Management

ComplianceShield automates every part of the Vendor Risk Management process.  Use our Common Vendor Assessment Library to easily create Cyber Assessments that are easy to understand and easy to answer.  Automate distribution and tracking of responses and evidence.

Assess and Mitigate Cyber Risk

IT Risk Assessment – Dramatically simplify the process of Cyber Risk Assessment using our Risk Wizard.  Pre-built libraries of Assets, Threats and Risk Events reduce hours of effort.   Risk Control Rules directly link cyber risks to Common Controls.