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The Six Pillars of Personnel Security Policy

The insider threat is often discussed among the top information security risks facing organizations.  In fact, for the first time in seven years of doing the study, the 2012 Ponemon Data Loss survey listed internal mistakes by insiders is the number one cause of data breaches.  What is an insider threat? This term is loosely […]

Effective Security Policy Management – Part 6

Part 6. A Verified Audit Trail Security policy documents will not be effective unless they are read and understood by all members of the target audience intended for each document. For some documents, such as Internet Acceptable Use or Code of Conduct, the target audience is likely the entire organization. Each policy document should have […]

New legislation may help prosecution of ID theft

Companies that have their identities used in phishing scams have little recorse in stopping the attacks. However, new legislation proposed by the Justice Department would expand the ability of enforcement agencies to prosecute identity theft, and adds provisions that may help corporations who are used in phishing scams. The “Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act […]