Information Security Made Easy with Compliance Shield ™

Establish, manage and document your information security program in one simple, integrated interface!

How do you manage an information program that must reduce risk but also address the growing needs to demonstrate compliance to management and outside parties? To manage information security compliance today, organizations must either adopt expensive, complex software systems that take months to deploy or piece together disjointed tools from a variety of vendors. Now there is another choice.

The Solution: ComplianceShield

ComplianceShield ™  combines our Security and Privacy Compliance Content with a suite of simple, integrated security management tools that allow you to build, document and track your information security program. With a simple user interface and expert information security guidance, ComplianceShield ™ integrates all of the essential security management functions into a single, integrated system that is easy to manage and deploy.

For Clients: Reduce Cyber Risk

ComplianceShield helps organizations reduce overall cyber risk and liability by demonstrating cyber “due-diligence.”  Leading security policy templates, comprehensive control library, built-in security awareness training, incident reporting, IT Risk Scoring, and compliance tracking.  Everything an organization needs in a single package.

Watch the Video

Watch our short video about how ComplianceShield can help your organization quickly define, develop and deliver a robust information security program.

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