Reduce Cyber Insurance Portfolio Risk

Cyber insurance providers and brokers face key challenges when underwriting cyber insurance:

How do we understand the true cyber security risk of a client?

Are insured clients adopting and maintaining security best practices?

Can we measure and reduce overall cyber risk?

Help Clients Measure and Reduce Cyber Risk

ComplianceShield enables any business to quickly define, deliver and demonstrate a robust information security program.  Using a simple, wizard-driven software system, clients can get the policies, training and documentation they need to measure and reduce their cyber risk.  ComplianceShield replaces months of manual effort using spreadsheets and expensive consultants with a simple software solution.

Reduce Cyber Insurance Claims

For Loss Mitigation Teams, reducing the size and number of claims is critical. With ComplianceShield, clients can implement and maintain a realistic information security program in a matter of hours – making it possible to identify and address key areas of cyber security risk.  This not only reduces client risk exposure to data loss, but helps defend against claims of negligence in the event of a data breach.

Understand and Reduce Cyber Portfolio Risk

What if cyber insurance providers could have a continuous view of their overall portfolio risk?  When client companies adopt ComplianceShield, insurance providers can see the Cyber Risk Score of every client in single dashboard.  For the first time, insurers can have a view into the progress of their entire client base, helping focus loss-mitigation strategies where they are needed most.  Since ComplianceShield is affordable for any business, it can be used effectively across your entire portfolio.

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