Struggling to pass a cyber assessment from clients? We can help!

Information Shield has helped hundreds of organizations successfully pass vendor risk assessments. The secret is our ComplianceShield platform, which provides all of the essential documents and tools you need to build and maintain a defensible cyber security program. ComplianceShield combines our world-leading compliance content library with an easy-to-use software platform.

The ComplianceShield Solution

We developed ComplianceShield to help provide the missing pieces of your cyber security program. While many organizations have technical tools in place (firewalls, anti-virus, log management), they often struggle creating the key documentation and evidence required. A cyber security program without documentation and evidence is essentially invisible to third-parties.

Key Features to help Pass Vendor Assessments

Quickly Define your Information Security Program

Passing vendor assessments required that you have a defined list of cyber security controls that match the assessments. Use our Compliance Wizard to dramatically simplify the process of defining a robust cyber security program that addresses key cyber requirements.  Within minutes you have a custom security program baseline based on our best-practices security library. You can also leverage our pre-built Control Baselines for ISO 27002, NIST CSF, CMMC, SOC II, HIPAA and more!

Develop Information Security Policies – Common Policy Library (CPL)

Written information security policies are key evidence for passing vendor assessments. ComplianceShield dramatically reducing the time and cost of developing security policies. With over 50 pre-written security policy templates, our unique Common Policy Library (CPL) covers every security topic required in your vendor assessment. Our security policy templates are robust and easy to customize.

Measure and Track User Acknowledgement

All vendor assessments will require that your Employees and Contractors are educated in cyber security. ComplianceShield solves this problem by automatically distribute policies, procedures and training directly to users based on their role within the organization. Verify user understanding by tying assessments to specific policies.  A flexible reporting system enables managers to run compliance and gap reports on groups or the entire enterprise.

Information Security Awareness Training

To build a robust cyber security program, all employees and contractors must be trained on essential cyber security principles. Use our built-in security awareness training module to educate each user on basic security awareness principles.  Our training covers key topics including: Access Control, Email and Web Usage, Mobile Security, Information Classification and security incident reporting.

Measure and Track Control Compliance

Easily view the information security posture of your entire organization in a single compliance dashboard. Assign controls, track progress and manage evidence all in one simple interface. Validate your compliance program by using our IT Risk Scoring report.  Custom reporting modules automatically feed results of various modules to provide a holistic view of the information security program.

Prepare for External Audits (SOC II, ISO 27002, Cyber Certification)

Some Vendor Cyber Risk Assessments will require that your organization receive a formal audit from a third-party. Common examples are the SOC II Type 2 or ISO 27001 certification. ComplianceShield will save you thousands in the external validation process, by helping create, store and share the evidence you need to pass your audit. Our secure Auditor Access allows read-only views into your cyber security program and evidence.

Manage Information Security Incidents

Vendor Cyber Risk Assessments will require that your organization have a security incident management program in place. In addition to our Incident Response Templates, ComplianceShield allows you to manage your entire incident reporting, management and response tasks through a simple, integrated interface. Built-in incident types takes the guesswork out of incident reporting.

Get Expert Help

If your team are not experts at passing assessments, you can use some help. Information Shield offers a unique “Compliance Jump Start” process that takes the burden from your internal team. For a fixed fee, one of our Cyber Security Experts will guide you through the entire process, creating a custom set of policies and controls, and even helping you answer the vendor assessment. Ask about our Jump Start process!

Get Started Quickly

Getting value from ComplianceShield does not take weeks of effort and hours of consulting time. In less than 10 minutes, you use our wizard-based approach to define your program and immediately begin tracking a providing evidence. Get a demo today!

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