New and Updated Sample Security Policy Documents

Information Security Policies Made Easy, Version 13 contains these updates:

Security Policy Library Update for the Common Policy Library (CPL) and ISO 27002:2013

The ISPME Version 13 security policy library has been updated to reflect the new Common Policy Library (CPL). The CPL is a set of common information security policies that enable organizations to comply with multiple data protection laws including ISO 27002, PCI-DSS and HIPAA/HiTECH. ISPME is the most complete library of security policies available covering over 200 different information security topics.

38 Updated “Ready-to-Go” Sample Security Policy Templates

Version 13 now contains 38 complete, pre-written sample information policy documents in MS-Word format, including:

  1. Sample High-Level Information Security Policy
  2. Sample IT Risk Management Security Policy
  3. Sample Information Security Program Policy
  4. Sample Information Security Organization Policy
  5. Sample Audit and Compliance Assessment Policy
  6. Sample Asset Management Policy
  7. Sample Acceptable Use of Assets Policy
  8. Sample Acceptable Use of Social Networking Policy
  9. Sample Cloud Computing Security Policy
  10. Sample Mobile Computing Security Policy
  11. Sample Remote Working (Telecommuting) Security Policy
  12. Sample Personally Owned Devices (BYOD) Security Policy
  13. Sample Information Classification Policy
  14. Sample Information Exchange Policy
  15. Sample Information Storage and Retention Policy
  16. Sample Information and Media Disposal Policy
  17. Sample Third Party Security Management Policy
  18. Sample Personnel Security Management Policy
  19. Sample Security Awareness and Training Policy
  20. Sample Access Control Security Policy
  21. Sample Account and Privilege Management Policy
  22. Sample Remote Access Security Policy
  23. Sample Network Security Management Policy
  24. Sample Firewall Security Policy
  25. Sample Wireless Network Security Policy
  26. Sample Physical Security Policy
  27. Sample System Configuration Management Policy
  28. Sample Change Management Policy
  29. Sample Malicious Software Management Policy
  30. Sample Encryption and Key Management Policy
  31. Sample Application Development Security Policy
  32. Sample Security Incident Response Policy
  33. Sample Data Breach Response Policy
  34. Sample Backup and Recovery Policy
  35. Sample IT Business Continuity Policy
  36. Sample Log Management and Monitoring Policy
  37. Customer Data Privacy Policy
  38. Sample Best Practices Information Security Policy Template


New Policy Compliance Tools

The updated Master Policy List allows easy gap-analysis for your existing policies. A newly-added Best Practices Policy Template enables your organization to easily reference existing policies to compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, COBIT or PCI-DSS.

  1. Information Security Policy Compliance Agreement
  2. Management Risk Acceptance Memo
  3. Two-Page Simple Non-Disclosure Agreement
  4. Sample Data Classification Quick Reference Table
  5. Sample Identity Token Responsibility Statement
  6. Sample Employment Termination Procedure
  7. Sample Security Incident Reporting Form
  8. Sample Information Security Policy Glossary


120+ New Information Security Policies

Version 13 contains 120 additional pre-written information security policy statements with expert commentary covering the latest security threats and technologies, including:

  • Audit Logging
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Corporate governance
  • Data Breaches Response
  • Disposal of equipment
  • Email security including phishing
  • Instant messaging
  • Information Security Coordination
  • USB storage
  • Mobile device security
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Security
  • Risk Management
  • Social Networking
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Security Department coordination
  • Remote Access and Teleworking
  • FAX and office machine security
  • Third-Party Software Development
  • Third-Party Service Management
  • Third-Party Information Disclosure
  • And much more…

Easy Subscription Updates

Upgrade easily from V12 or V13 to the new PolicyShield Policy Subscription Service and keep your security policies updated against the latest threats.