PolicyShield ™ Common Questions

Below are answers to some of the common questions about the PolicyShield Information Security Policy Subscription Service. If you require more information, please Contact Us or view the PolicyShield product detail page.

Q: What exactly IS PolicyShield?

A: The PolicyShield ™ Information Security Policy Subscription Service is the only subscription-based security policy library available. Our information security experts monitor the latest developments that are likely to impact your information security program – including new technologies, recent incidents, high-impact threats, and leading security and privacy-based regulations – and write policy-based responses that you can integrate directly into your information security policy program.

PolicyShield is based on the “Gold Standard” security policy resource, Information Security Policies Made Easy, by Charles Cresson Wood, CISSP, CISM.

Q: How can it benefit my organization?

A: PolicyShield provides a number of short-term and long-term benefits. For organizations that need to develop information security policies quickly, PolicyShield provides the most complete set of pre-written information security policy documents available. PolicyShield goes beyond sample security policies, providing expert advice and time-saving tools to help you implement each policy. But the real value of PolicyShield is in the long term, by saving your organization valuable time in maintaining and updating written information security policies. PolicyShield acts as your “on-demand” security consultant, saving your internal staff many hours of research and development, and freeing them up to focus on other critical tasks.

Q: What do I get for a subscription to PolicyShield?

A: Subscribers get immediate access to all of the premier content within the current PolicyShield library, plus additional updates each quarter. Updates will include a minimum of 15 new policies and related time-saving documents. The PolicyShield security policy library contains over 1700 pre-written information security policies, organized around the ISO 27002 standard. In addition to the Policy Library, subscribers have access to our security policy Resources Library, which contains dozens of time-saving tools, including templates, forms, checklists, articles, and over 60 completely pre-written “ready-to-go” information security policy documents.

Q: How is PolicyShield different from other security policy templates?

A: There are number of key differences between PolicyShield and other security policy templates. First, security policies within PolicyShield are written by real information security and data privacy experts that have years of experience helping companies build and develop policies. Second, PolicyShield goes well beyond simple written policies, providing valued-added information to enable you to implement them within your organization. The PolicyShield system is a complete framework that links security policies to various security frameworks (such as ISO 27002 and PCI-DSS), regulations (such as HIPAA and GLBA), and development resources (templates, checklists, standards). PolicyShield also provide a database of real-world incidents that map to specific policies that would reduce the risk of that same incident within your organization.

Q: Why is PolicyShield offered as a subscription?

A: To reduce risk and stay in compliance with security and privacy-related regulations, organizations must regularly update their written information security policies. It is extremely time-consuming for in-house staff to monitor the complex landscape of regulatory and technical risks, and then decide which policies should be updated, if any. By providing regular updates, PolicyShield enables your organizations to stay up-to-date with a minimum of effort.

Q: What is the minimum subscription term?

A: The PolicyShield service requires a one-year minimum subscription term. Discounts are available for current Information Shield customers and for multi-year subscriptions.

Q: How do I access PolicyShield?

A: PolicyShield is available through a secure web-based interface. Each subscriber receives a unique userid and password to access the system.

Q: Can I reuse the policies within my organization?

A: YES! PolicyShield is designed to provide content that you can easily reuse and publish within your own organization. Our license is for one organization, so we ask that you do not redistribute the material outside of your own organization. Consultants and other service providers may inquire about our Consultant Licensing by contacting our sales department.

Q: Do you have a reseller program?

A: Yes. We have an attractive reseller and partner program for both consultants and technology solution providers. Please contact us for more information.

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