PolicyShield – How it Works

To be effective, information security policies must be regularly updated to reflect the latest risks to your organization’s information assets. Risk may come in a variety of forms, including new technologies (such as wireless, portable devices, VOIP), new threats (viruses, phishing, botnets) and new or updated regulations (HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS).

Dynamic Security Policy Updates

PolicyShield Policy UpdatesPolicyShield ™ contains over 1700 pre-written information security policies and expert commentary covering all 183 different categories within the ISO 27002 security standard.

Each quarter, PolicyShield is updated with a set of new security policies covering a key information security topic. Topics will be chosen based on the latest technologies, threats and regulatory changes that are likely to impact your business.

In addition to new pre-written policies, content updates will include new policy development resources to aid in the development and deployment of these policies within your organization. Content updates may also include security and privacy-related incidents that may be prevented using written policies.

At the time of each update, subscribers will receive notification of the new content updates. After logging in to the web interface, subscribers can easily see which new policies, resources and news items have been added to the system. Each new policy is tied to the Common Policy Library (CPL) and mapped to the ISO 27002 policy management framework. Policies can be easily downloaded or copied into existing documents.

Whether you are just beginning to develop information security policies or have a mature policy program, PolicyShield will save you time and effort maintaining written security policies.