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Streamline TISAX Compliance

Build and maintain a cyber security program that addresses TISAX certification in one simple, integrated interface

TISAX Certification requires your organization to build and maintain a robust cyber security program.  However, building and documenting a cyber program from scratch can be slow and expensive.

ComplianceShield is our integrated software solution that helps you develop, deliver and demonstrate compliance with cyber security laws and frameworks.  Using a wizard-driven interface and our library of built-in templates, you can quickly build a program that addresses all key TISAX requirements.

Compliance Shield helps your company address these key TISAX cyber security requirements:

  • Complete TISAX Policy Template Library (1.0)
  • Measure and Track User Acknowledgement (1.1)
  • Define Information Security Organization (1.2)
  • Define and secure assets (1.3)
  • Conduct Periodic Risk Assessments (1.4)
  • Manage Information Security Incidents (1.6)
  • Real-Time Reporting on Program Compliance (1.7)
  • Information Security Awareness Training (2.0)
  • Physical and Environmental Security (3.0)
  • Manage Access and Identities (4.0)
  • Security Operations (5.0)
  • Manage and Oversee Supplier Relationships (6.0)

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ComplianceShield consolidates the pieces of essential information security management into one, easy-to-understand dashboard.

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