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Security Policies Key to HIPAA BA Compliance

In January the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released the much-awaited final updates to the HIPAA Security, Privacy and Enforcement Rules. These updates, known as the “Omnibus Rule” were required by the HITECH Act and have been in proposal form since 2010.  The new law incorporates some major changes in the HIPAA security […]

Managing Vendor Security Risks Under HiTECH

Assessing the risk of third-party vendors has been a growing problem for compliance management.  Because of the growing number of data breaches related to third-parties, regulators have been focusing on the inherent risks of outsourcing.   Within the financial services industry, this has long been accomplished via a SAS70 (now SSAE16) type audit. Within the U.S. [...]

Aren’t information security policies only for large organizations?

Regardless of an organization’s size, industry, geographical location, or the extent to which it uses computers; information security is an important matter that should be addressed by explicit policies. Some experts say that the lack of a well-defined corporate information security policy is the single biggest problem with most security efforts. Major data protection laws […]