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Effective Information Security Policy Management – Part 1

How mature is your information security policy program? Do you have a set of outdated documents stored in a binder or intranet site? Or do you have a documented management program that keeps your policies up to date, your users informed and your internal auditors sleeping at night? This is the first article in the [...]

Required Acknowledgement of Security Policy Changes

Legal precedents are beginning to dictate a new standard for the notification of policy changes to your customers and employees. In the “old days” organizations would post changes to information security policies on the corporate intranet, and perhaps even notify employees that these changes occurred via email or some other means. However, in legal actions […]

Policy Controls for Building Secure Applications

A number of recent surveys indicate that an increasing number of attacks are targeting applications, rather than operating systems. Hackers have discovered that applications are patched far less frequently than operating systems and web servers. For example, the recent release of the SANS Top 20 vulnerabilities of 2005 points to a number of problems related […]