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Social Media Security Policies Lagging Adoption

In August of 2010, the social network IT Toolbox released their latest study on the use of mobile and social media technologies in the enterprise. The survey included over 2200 IT professionals from 109 different countries. One of the areas of the survey included questions about corporate guidance and security policies. While Social media use […]

Policies on Social Networking at Work

A recent study showed that over 75% of workers aged 20-30 access social networking sites at work. When you add all of the social networks (over 500 according to some estimates) and all of the members (over 150 million) and all of the companies (over 4000 publicly traded in the US alone) you get a […]

Security Policy on Social Networking Sites

Social Networking sites present some unique challenges for organizations that must attract and keep young workers. Is the use of social networking sites at work a necessary perk or an unacceptable risk to corporate information? Some argue that organizations must allow access to social networking and other Web 2.0 sites to help attract a more […]