InformationShield – NetDiligence Alliance Aids Cyber Insurance

Houston, Texas – Information Shield and NetDiligence announced a strategic alliance to enhance information security options within the cyber insurance industry.  NetDiligence®  operates the ERiskHUB(TM), a platform that provides loss-mitigation and breach response solutions to dozens of leading cyber insurance providers and brokers.   As part of the alliance, Information Shield’s new platform – ComplianceShield – has been integrated within the ERiskHUB platform, making it available to thousands of covered insurance clients.

This integration provides two key benefits for the cyber insurance community:  (1) Clients that have purchased or are considering cyber insurance coverage can measure and reduce their cyber risk using the ComplianceShield platform.  Clients can access a trial version of ComplianceShield directly within the ERiskHUB for insurers that enable the integration.  (2) For insurance providers and brokers, ComplianceShield enables these groups to measure and view the cyber risk of their entire portfolio via a single report.

NetDiligence® is a cyber risk assessment and data breach services company that operates the ERiskHUB(TM).  See the Press Announcement from NetDiligence.