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3 Ways to Validate your Cyber Security Program

If you are handling sensitive data in your business, sooner or later you will be asked to “validate” your cyber security program. This can happen for several reasons. A large customer or prospect may need to assess the cyber risk of your organization. You may try to purchase Cyber Breach Insurance. Or maybe you are […]

8 Rules for Passing Cyber Vendor Assessments

We often speak to businesses struggling to pass a cyber security assessment from one of their key clients. The business has received a huge spreadsheet with 100+ cyber security questions, many of which they have no idea how to answer. If they don’t “pass” the assessment, they may lose the client entirely. Sometimes it is […]

Simplify Compliance with new ACC Security Controls

Attorneys Create New Control Framework The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), which represents over 42,000 in-house counsel across 85 countries, recently released a new control model to help organizations interact with outside parties when dealing with sensitive information.  This is among the many new business domains areas where vendor risk management has become a key issue. […]

Third Party Vendor Security – Regulatory Drivers

Third Party Vendors and Data Breaches So the bad news is sinking in.   Data breach reports are showing that significant information security risk can lie with third party vendors.  Starting with the now-famous Home Depot breach, a steady stream of breaches have been reported that involve third party vendors. In some studies, as many as […]