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Security Policies to Address Internal Threat

We hear reports of new data breaches almost daily. While most of them are fairly complex stories, they most always begin at some point with a human "insider" making a mistake. In fact, 2011 could be considered the “Year of the Insider.” From the RSA hack and Sony Playstation breach, to the Epsilon e-mail breach [...]

Enabling Business with Information Security and Privacy Policies

With a dramatic increase in legislation and consumer awareness of identity theft, businesses are finding that security and privacy policies are becoming an essential business tool. In some highly regulated market, it is difficult to do business at all without a sound set of policies. In this overview we discuss various ways that effective, written […]

The Total Cost of Information Security Policy Management

In this paper we develop a cost model for estimating the Total Cost of Policy Management (TCPM). This paper is designed to help organizations estimate the true costs of ongoing policy management by understanding the details of each phase of security policy management. The Total Cost of Information Security Policy Management

The ROI of Pre-written Security Policies

Security Policy University is blog devoted to IT or information security professionals responsible for writing, publishing, maintaining and enforcing information security and data privacy policies. The blog has posts from a variety of experts in the field of information security and data privacy and encourages thoughtful comments. This Information Security Policy University blog is maintained [...]

Critical Security Policies for Preventing Cyber Attacks

Is it possible to declare some security policies as more critical than others? When it comes to protecting sensitive data, all security policies are important to reduce the risk of loss. However, when we look at risk mitigation from the perspective of stopping the latest attacks, some security controls rise to the top. In September […]