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How often should we update information security policies?

A good rule of thumb is this:  Information security policy documents should be updated at least once a year, or whenever a major change occurs in the business that would impact the risk of the organization.  Examples of these changes could be a merger, a new product or line of business, a major downsizing or […]

Why Your Organization Needs To Customize Policy Templates

Please Don’t Do This A number of years ago I was asked to come in and do an information security risk assessment at a major company. Of course gathering and reading copies of relevant documentation is part of the background work necessary to orient myself to the client’s current information security situation. With this particular […]

Quickly Developing Draft Security Policies

We recently posted a video on how to create a draft information security policy in minutes using templates from Information Security Policies Made Easy. While our libraries contain thousands of individual policy statements, we also provide sample policy documents that you can customize. How to Create a Security Policy in 5 Minutes (or less)

PCI Policy Compliance Using Information Security Policies

Many organizations are building or updating written information security policies in response to the newly updated Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). In this paper we describe how Information Shield security policy products can be used to save time and money building security policies that address the PCI-DSS requirements. PCI-DSS Policy Compliance Using Information [...]

Effective Information Security Policy Management – Part 1

How mature is your information security policy program? Do you have a set of outdated documents stored in a binder or intranet site? Or do you have a documented management program that keeps your policies up to date, your users informed and your internal auditors sleeping at night? This is the first article in the [...]