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Selling Management On Information Security Policies

Laws & Regulations: This post is for organizations that could use help raising the level of management awareness and support for information security policies. From the get-go, let’s be clear that this post is not for established organizations that are already far along when it comes to their information security efforts. They will have long [...]

Five Reasons Why Security Policies Don’t Get Implemented

This article will explore five serious problems preventing information security policies from being implemented, even though these policies may have been written with the best of intentions. Cutting across all five of these causative factors is a theme involving a lack of understanding about the nature of policies. All too often policies are written in […]

Confessions of a Security Policy Geek

Why I Love Information Security Policies Being a vendor of information security policy content is somewhat strange. Many times during the week we talk to folks who need to write security policies for their company. The story is often the same: They are staring at the long list of requirements (say from the ISO 27002 [...]

Effective Security Policy Management – Part 3

Part 3. Defined Management Structure To help keep information security policies readable and manageable, it is important to keep the information “level” consistent among the various document types. In other words, it is not advisable to mix policies, procedures, standards and guidelines into your policy documents. An effective approach is to create a policy governance […]