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Selling Management On Information Security Policies

Laws & Regulations: This post is for organizations that could use help raising the level of management awareness and support for information security policies. From the get-go, let’s be clear that this post is not for established organizations that are already far along when it comes to their information security efforts. They will have long [...]

A Security Policy Standard of Due Care

Divergent Directions: Looking back over the last 30+ years of my work in information security, I see two diverging trends when it comes to defining the information security-related standard of due care. By the “standard of due care,” in this column I mean the actions that management needs to take (for instance the controls that [...]

Information Security Policies and BITS Assessment

The events of 2007 and 2008 have led to an increased focus on governance, security and privacy within the financial services market. One increasingly common scenario is when a third-party service provider must have their security program validated by the financial institution that it serves. Historically, these audits were based on the BITS framework and [...]